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FCM Decals

FCM Decals 1/48 F-5B/E/F FAB Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date Review March 2009 Manufacturer FCM Decals
Subject F-5B/E/F FAB Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48033 Pros Very nice array of 'stock' and updated F-5s from the FAB
Cons Skill Level Basic

First Look

FCM Decals has an interesting line of aftermarket decals from Brazil. The subjects covered in this line include many Brazilian civil and military aircraft subjects, WWI aircraft, and the occasional look at the aircraft of other nations as well. Here is one near and dear to my interests, the F-5! The Brazilian Air Force (Forca Aerea Brasileira - FAB) operates a number of Freedom Fighters and Tiger IIs, many of these upgraded with newer avionics and capabilities.

FCM Decals FCM Decals

In this set, we have seven F-5s to choose from:

  • F-5EM, 1°/14° G.Av., 4834, 2006
  • F-5EM, 1°/1° Grupo de Caca, 4850, 2007
  • F-5FM, 1°/14° G.Av., 4804, 2007
  • F-5B, 1°/1° Grupo de Caca, 4803, 1985
  • F-5E, 1°/14° G.Av., 4857, 2005
  • F-5F, 1°/14° G.Av., 4806, 2005
  • F-5E, 1°/1° Grupo de Caca, 4837, 1985

The printing on this sheet is nicely done, and by the way, this is the first release from FCM decals printed by Microscale. There are sufficient stencils on this sheet for two aircraft, though you could stretch this set to do 4-5 aircraft, with the limitation being national markings.

In addition to the decals, this set also includes paint masks to render the national markings, tail art, ejection seat triangles, and even the drop tank slogan as paint rather than decal. Nice touch!

If you're wanting some colorful camouflage schemes and some interesting variations on the basic airframe to model, the Brazilian F-5s are what you are looking for. Grab your Classic Airframes 1/48 F-5B and/or the Monogram F-5E and F-5F kits and have some fun with these subjects!

For a list of retailers that carry the FCM Decal series, look here.

Thanks to FCM Decal for this review sample.