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Mosquito FB.VI BOAC

fündekals 1/32 Mosquito FB.VI BOAC Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2016 Manufacturer fündekals
Subject Mosquito FB.VI BOAC Scale 1/32
Set Number N/A Pros Three camo options
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $18.00

First Look

fündekals has released this interesting decal sheet for the Mosquito FB.VI in 1/32 scale. When the UK entered World War 2, the government charged British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) with the job of flying courier missions between Britain and various countries where its embassies were still in operation. While most of those flights were conducted by the usual transport aircraft, the task of reaching Stockholm, Sweden over open waters patrolled by the Luftwaffe required something special. In 1942, the RAF used a Mosquito with its markings painted over to make the flight and with that success, Mosquito PR.IV DZ411 was transferred over to BOAC. If you'll recall, BOAC's logo and callsign is the 'Speedbird' and in 1942-43, this stripped-down PR.IV became G-AGFV and was the fastest BOAC aircraft as well as faster than most other military aircraft at the time making the name 'Speedbird' quite appropriate.

Mosquito FB.VI BOAC Mosquito FB.VI BOAC

With the success of G-AGFV (DZ411), BOAC requested six additional airframes which were brand new FB.VIs. This decal set provides markings for each of these six aircraft and with the variations for the aircraft with Sky undersides or their later Night underside camouflage. The aircraft provided include:

  • FB.VI, G-AGGC/HJ680
  • FB.VI, G-AGGD/HJ681
  • FB.VI, G-AGGE/HJ718
  • FB.VI, G-AGGF/HJ720
  • FB.VI, G-AGGG/HJ721
  • FB.VI, G-AGGH/HJ723

The decals are nicely printed and the instructions are downloadable from their website. If you're looking for an eye-catching subject for your B.IV, why not build a Speedbird Mosquito for your next project!

My sincere thanks to fündekals for this review sample!