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IsraDecal 1/48 F-16A/B Netz Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2010 Manufacturer IsraDecal
Subject F-16A/B Netz Scale 1/48
Set Number IAF-86 Pros Nice markings for conteporary F-16A/B Netzs in IAF service
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $38.95

First Look

IsraDecal does once again what they excel at - producing a wide range of colorful Israeli Air Force subjects that are unavailable from most other decal manufacturers. This set comes with a nice set of Cartograf decals along with a well-done color profile reference clearly showing the camouflage pattern worn by the F-16A/B and the placement of the various markings for each of the depicted aircraft over different periods of time. Colors are shown in FS 595 standards to make it easy for paint selection.

F-16I F-16I F-16I

What's nice about this set is that it is designed to render just about any of the F-16A or F-16B Fighting Falcons to enter IDF service. Markings for six operational squadrons and one test unit are provided, many with variations depicting the changes in their markings over time. Rather than to individual aircraft decals, IsraDecals provides generic tail numbers in five different fonts to match up with the different lettering/number styles in each unit and sufficient numbers in each font to recreate virtually any tail number.

The instructions are not printed, rather you receive a special CD-ROM with this set that contains an 11-page full-color instruction booklet with lots of color profiles plus four-view profiles for the standard camouflage pattern, and scrap drawings showing the chaff/flare dispenser mods to the airframe. In addition, there are lots of photos provided in subdirectories on the CD-ROM organized by squadron so you can see for yourself how the aircraft subject looks that is depicted in the color profiles.

The set comes with markings to render the following aircraft:

  • F-16A, 114, First Jet Sqn, 1980
  • F-16A, 118, First Jet Sqn, 1981
  • F-16A, 107, First Jet Sqn, 1982
  • F-16A, 254, First Jet Sqn, 1985
  • F-16A, 105, First Jet Sqn, 1986
  • F-16A, 126, First Jet Sqn
  • F-16A, 111, First Jet Sqn
  • F-16A, 138, First Jet Sqn
  • F-16A, 124, First Jet Sqn
  • F-16B, 003, First Jet Sqn, 1982
  • F-16B, 008, First Jet Sqn, 1982
  • F-16A, 243, Knights of the North Sqn, 1981
  • F-16A, 237, Knights of the North Sqn, 1984
  • F-16B, 001, Knights of the North Sqn, 1981
  • F-16B, 015, Knights of the North Sqn, 1984
  • F-16B, 017, Negev Sqn, 1988
  • F-16A, 267, Negev Sqn, 1983
  • F-16A, 290, Negev Sqn, 1982
  • F-16A, 260, Negev Sqn, 1998
  • F-16A, 299, Test & Evaluation Unit
  • F-16A, 233, Golden Eagle Sqn, 1990
  • F-16A, 258, Golden Eagle Sqn, 2000
  • F-16B, 010, Golden Eagle Sqn, 2002
  • F-16A, 107, Defenders of the South Sqn, 2010
  • F-16B, 979, Defenders of the South Sqn, 2007
  • F-16B, 001, Defenders of the South Sqn, 2002
  • F-16A, 777, Phoenix Sqn, 1995
  • F-16A, 777, Phoenix Sqn, 2000
  • F-16A, 777, Phoenix Sqn, 2002
  • F-16B, 989, Phoenix Sqn, 2000
  • F-16B, 976, Phoenix Sqn, 2005
  • F-16B, 995, Phoenix Sqn, 1998

There are 32 color profiles covered in this CD-ROM with data provided for five more, many of which are MiG killers. There are sufficient maintenance stencils for two complete aircraft, and with the help of some kit-provided stencils, you can render more. The instructions don't call out a particular F-16 kit which these decals might have been sized for, so the choice is yours for which Viper kit you want to use for this great project.