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Linden Hill Decals

Linden Hill Decals 1/48 Bush War Hinds 2 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2006 Manufacturer Linden Hill Decals
Subject Bush War Hinds 2 Scale 1/48
Set Number 48012 Pros A very impressive variety of Mi-24 and Mi-35 subjects
Cons Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $16.99

First Look


So you are in the mood to build an Mi-24 Hind in 1/48 scale, but you definitely don't want your Hind to look like everyone else's model. A quick scan through your references and you realize that the Mi-24 wears quite a few distinctive and appealing color schemes. While a few decal sets have been published in the past for this kit, few are still available. What to do?

Linden Hill DecalsLinden Hill DecalsLinden Hill Decals

Linden Hill Decals to the rescue. This set is actually part two of a comprehensive series of colorful aircraft. In this release, the modeler is rewarded with 10 pages of color profiles covering 19 different aircraft!

The set is also comprised of one full sheet and two smaller sheets of decals to provide the unique aircraft markings.

Linden Hill also provides a set of maintenance stencils for the Mi-24 in a separate release. The decals are nicely printed and in register. The aircraft covered in this set are:

  • Mi-24RKh, Red 41, 440 OBVP, GSFG, Stendal AB, Germany, 1991
  • Mi-24V, Black 0183, 341 Letka, Slovak AF, Presov, Slovakia, 2000
  • Mi-24V, RDB/JSO, Serbian Security Services, Belgrade International Airport, 1998
  • Mi-24P, Red 66, 335 OBVP, Ukrainian Army Avn, Kalinov AB, Lvov, Ukraine, mid-1990s
  • Mi-24VP, Red 33, 288 OVP, Baltic Fleet, Russian Navy, Nivenskoye AB, Kaliningrad, 2001
  • Mi-24D, CH612, 9 Helicopter Sqn, Sri Lankan AF, 1997
  • Mi-35, H-357, 4 Helicopter Sqn, Angolan AF, 1991
  • Mi-24P, KFOR detachment, 27 Avn Group, Russian Army Avn, Kosovo, 2000
  • Mi-24V/Mi-35, 1 Flight, Eritrean AF, 2000
  • Mi-24D/Mi-35, 12st Attack Sqn, Ethiopian AF, 2000
  • Mi-24P, Air Mobility Assault Unit, Uzbek AF, 2003
  • Mi-24P, Air Mobility Assault Unit, Uzbek AF, 2003 @ Paris Airshow
  • Mi-25, 4493, 4 Attack Sqn, Iraqi Army, Basra, 1991
  • Mi-24D, TU-VHO, Army AF, Ivory Coast, Dec 2002
  • Mi-24P, Yellow 14, 262 OVE, Bagram AB, Dec 1988
  • Mi-24V, Red 23, 335 OBVP, Ganzi AB, 1985
  • Mi-35, Z3039, 104 Sqn, Indian AF, Gorakhpur AB,
  • Mi-24RKh, Blue 44, Armenian AF, 2004
  • Mi-24P, Lightning Bolt, Joint Air Group, Russian Army Avn, Grozny, Chechnya, 2000

You can see the wide variety of subjects in this set alone along with some distinctive camouflage schemes.

Linden Hill Decals can be purchased directly from their website at

My sincere thanks to Linden Hill Decals for this review sample!