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Lifelike Decals

Lifelike Decals 1/48 Ki-100 Part 1 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2010 Manufacturer Lifelike Decals
Subject Ki-100 Part 1 Scale 1/48
Set Number 48030 Skill Level Basic

First Look

Lifelike Decals from Japan turns out some colorful and nicely printed subjects. In this set, we have five distinctive Ki-100 fighters spanning two different variants. Unfortunately, the profile sheet in this sample is in Japanese. According to the website, the production decals sent over to North America will be in English and fortunately there is a key of which aircraft are presented online.

Ki-100 Ki-100

This decal set provides markings for five aircraft:

  • Ki-100, 5th Sentai, as flown by Capt Totaro Ito
  • Ki-100, 111th Sentai, as flown by Major Yohei Hinoki
  • Ki-100, 59th Sentai/3rd Chutai
  • Ki-100, 111th Sentai, as flown by the 1st Daitai Commander
  • Ki-100, 244th Sentai, as flown by Major Teruhiko Kobayahi

As you can see in the decal images and profiles, this set provides some distinctive color schemes. If you want to dress up the Hasegawa or Arii/Otaki kits, this is the set you've been waiting for.

You can purchase these decals directly from Lifelike Decals. My sincere thanks to Lifelike Decals for this review sample!