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Type 97 Fighters Part 1

Lifelike Decals 1/72 Type 97 Fighters Part 1 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2015 Manufacturer Lifelike Decals
Subject Type 97 Fighters Part 1 Scale 1/72
Set Number 72034 Skill Level Basic

First Look

Lifelike Decals from Japan turns out some colorful and nicely printed subjects. In this set, we have the first of a new series of Ki-27 Type 97 (Nate) fighters developed for the Hasegawa 1/72 scale kit. The decals are quite nicely done as you can see and provide some interesting subjects.

Type 97 Fighters Part 1 Type 97 Fighters Part 1

This set provides markings for seven aircraft:

  • Ki-27 Otsu, 246th Sentai, Commander Major Miyamoto
  • Ki-27 Otsu, 4th Sentai, Commander Lt.Col. Hayashi
  • Ki-27 Otsu, 246th Sentai, Cpr. Kajinami
  • Ki-27 Kou, 64th Sentai, 1Lt Sakai
  • Ki-27 Otsu, 59th Sentai, MSgt Takahashi
  • Ki-27 Otsu, 77th Sentai
  • Ki-27 Otsu, Manchurian AF

As you can see in the decal images and profiles, this set provides some distinctive color schemes. If you want to dress up your next 1/72 Ki-27 kit, this is the set you've been waiting for.

You can purchase these decals directly from Lifelike Decals. My sincere thanks to Lifelike Decals for this review sample!