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Max Decals 1/72 LC-130 Antarctic Hercules Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2010 Manufacturer Max Decals
Subject LC-130 Antarctic Hercules Scale 1/72
Set Number 7211 Pros 17 aircraft options, decals for at least two aircraft from this set
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (Euro) 12.00€

First Look

This interesting release just arrived in the mailbox today. From Max Decals in Ireland, set number 7211 covers the variety of Antarctic C-130 Hercules examples flown by the US Navy and subsequently by the NY Air National Guard. Designed for your favorite (Airfix or Italeri) C-130 kit (with a suitable LC-130 aftermarket conversion), this set will render your choice of up to three aircraft out of a possible 17 subjects. These include:

LC-130 LC-130

  • R7V-1, 131624, VXE-6, JD/6, US Navy, 1971
  • LC-130F, 148319, JD/19, VX-6, US Navy, 1960
  • LC-130F, 148320, JD/20, VX-6, US Navy, 1960
  • C-130BL, 148319, XD/07, VXE-6, US Navy
  • C-130BL, 148320, XD/06, VXE-6, US Navy
  • C-130BL, 148321, XD/03, VXE-6, US Navy
  • LC-130R, 159129, XD/05, VXE-6, US Navy
  • LC-130R, 159130, XD/04, VXE-6, US Navy, 1999
  • LC-130R, 160470, XD/02, VXE-6, US Navy
  • LC-130R, 160471, XD/03, VXE-6, US Navy
  • LC-130H, 83-0490, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'Pride of Clifton Park'
  • LC-130H, 83-0491, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'City of Albany'
  • LC-130H, 83-0492, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'City of Amsterdam'
  • LC-130H, 83-0493, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'Pride of Scotia'
  • LC-130H, 92-1094, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'Pride of Glenville'
  • LC-130H, 92-1095, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'City od Cohoes'
  • LC-130H, 92-1096, 109 AW/NY ANG, 'City of Christchurch'
  • LC-130H, 73-3300, 109 AW/NY ANG, former LC-130R 159129
  • LC-130H, 76-3301, 109 AW/NY ANG, former LC-130R 160470
  • LC-130H, 76-3302, 109 AW/NY ANG, former LC-130R 160471

You'll note that there are more that 17 aircraft in that list, but several tail numbers are represented at several points in their service lives. The first decal option is actually a C-121J Super Constellation in Antarctic colors.

Take a close look at this decal sheet. All of these decals are in perfect register and none require you to stack multiple layers of decals to recreate what you see here. Don't settle for substandard decal artwork, get your Eagle markings right here!

For more information about this set and the other releases from Max Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Max Decals for this review sample!