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B-58A Hustler

Muroc Models 1/48 B-58A Hustler Decal First Look

By Kelly Jamison

Date of Review January 2009 Manufacturer Muroc Models
Subject B-58A Hustler Scale 1/48
Kit Number Pros Distinctive color scheme for the Revell-Monogram B-58A kit
Cons Fragile Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $8.00

First Look

One of the best kept secrets of the windswept Antelope Valley area of the high plains of the Mojave Desert is not what you think. It is a one man operation better known as Muroc Models. Muroc Models consist of Dave Neumann. A Chemistry Professor at Antelope Valley College, Dave is brilliant in his knowledge of Edwards AFB and its minions of exotic aircraft that have resided there for over 60 years.

B-58A Hustler

Much like Dave himself, he tends to go for the bizarre and one of a kind aircraft subjects. He also has a strange twisted imagination for strange and twisted scales. Once he built a 1/5 drop test model of the F-15 in 1/48 scale! Now don’t think about that too long or you will go back in time! I saw him build a 1/144 Fokker DVII. Then turned around and brought in a 1/18 scale SR-71. Well it really took two people to bring it in and we had to prop it in the corner of the room!

Dave keeps me supplied with my unhealthy addiction of test aircraft subjects. He has made masters for many other companies and was one of the founding members of Eagle Talon Resin. If you get to Edwards AFB and get a chance to go to the Test Flight Museum, you will see his work throughout the building. Dave is one of a kind and a truly great guy.

Dave produced these decals a few years ago for the 2000 AVG Desert Classic IPMS contest. He will do a few more sheets if asked but I do not think he produced these by the thousands. I think they are the best decals made. The plane is #50662 which was used to test the YJ-93 engine for the XB-70 being developed at the time.

They are printed over a clear carrier film so you will have to trim them closely. They are opaque but delicate. You can’t treat them like some of the OOB Hasegawa decals which are made for the general public 10 years old and up. You might even want to put a thin clear coat on them prior to cutting them off the carrier film.

A quick Google search will get you all the info you need on B-58 Hustlers if you need to augment your knowledge on this subject. Dave can be found running his own concession with former East Block model products and his own eclectic merchandise. Dave always likes to visit especially if you have some interesting photos of one of a kind aircraft.