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Buzz Bombs!

Pacific Monograph 1/48 Buzz Bombs! Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2018 Manufacturer Pacific Monograph
Subject Buzz Bombs! Scale 1/48
Set Number PMAVI-003 Pros Eight options for your V-1
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $4.95

First Look

Pacific Monograph has released this interesting decal set for the Pacific Monogram 1/48 V-1 'Buzz Bomb' kit though this will also work with Tamiya's 1/48 kit as well. This set provides marking options USAAF/USAF and US Navy test articles.

Buzz Bombs!

The instructions provide placement for each of the eight examples. You'll note that the decal sheets on the left and right don't have white backgrounds for the US markings which is why the middle sheet is provided. The other sheets do provide the identification numbers, nicknames, and even the original German maintenance stenciling. There are red bars next to the original national markings, so you can replicate either of the two USAF (1947+) options.

Whether you're building the JB-2 (USAAF/USAF), or the Loon (USN), or even a German example using the nice stenciling, this set will make your project stand out!

My sincere thanks to Pacific Monograph for this review sample!