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CBI Patches

Pacific Monograph 1/48 CBI Patches Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2018 Manufacturer Pacific Monograph
Subject CBI Patches Scale 1/32
Set Number PMAVI-005 Pros Nice eye-catching detail
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $8.00

First Look

Pacific Monograph has released this interesting utility decal set providing the patches and markings for 1/32 scale pilot figures from the CBI theater. CBI - China-Burma-India included the famous American Volunteer Group (AVG), the Flying Tigers. This decal set was produced for Pacific Monograph's 1/32 figure of Tex Hill/Claire Chenault, but this set can also be used to convert a wide range of 1/32 pilot figures as well.

CBI Patches

The instructions show you which patch corresponds to what unit and the markings include:

  • Blood chits for the back of the jacket worn by the AVG
  • CBI Theater patch
  • Kuomintang Air Force
  • China Air Task Force
  • Flying Tigers/14th Air Force
  • 1st Pursuit Sqn (Flying Tigers)
  • 2nd Pursuit Sqn (Flying Tigers)
  • 3rd Pursuit Sqn (Flying Tigers)
  • 23rd Fighter Group
  • 1st Air Commando
  • 2nd Air Commando
  • 11th Bomb Sqn
  • 75th Fighter Sqn

This decal set provides that missing level of detail on many figure sets - unit/command markings (patches). If you're doing a 1/32 fighter out of the CBI, you'll want to have this decal set to add to your pilot to add that extra level of eye-catching detail!

My sincere thanks to Pacific Monograph for this review sample!