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A3D-2 Skywarrior VAH-1

Superscale International 1/48 A3D-2 Skywarrior VAH-1 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2013 Manufacturer Superscale International
Subject A3D-2 Skywarrior VAH-1 Scale 1/48
Set Number 481271 Pros Markings for early A3D-2 airframe as depicted in Trumpeter kit
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $12.00

First Look

Superscale International is well-known for their aftermarket decals. This release is targeted for the recent Trumpeter 1/48 A3D-2 Skywarrior kit as depicted straight out of the box. Some decal sets provide markings for the A3D-2/A-3B after the tail gun was removed and a new radome installed on the nose. While those markings are nice, they do require an aftermarket modification to the kit. This set provides markings for one example as configured in the kit:

A3D-2 Skywarrior VAH-1 A3D-2 Skywarrior VAH-1

  • A3D-2, 138932, VAH-1, AG/620

The set provides national markings and the very basic stencils for this example. The instructions provide color references to FS 595 paints. Also note the discrepancy between the A-3D-2 on the decal instructions and for the BuNo marking at the tail. Some aircraft had incorrect stenciling applied in the field so check your references, but the correct pre-1963 designation of this aircraft is A3D-2. After 1963 it became the A-3B.

My sincere thanks to Squadron Mail Order for this review sample!