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Stormo! Decals 1/32 Bf 109 Italian Aces Part I Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2010 Manufacturer Stormo! Decals
Subject Bf 109 Italian Aces Part I Scale 1/32
Set Number 32001 Pros 5 distinctive aircraft options
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $14.99

First Look

Stormo! is a comprehensive online resource for Italian Air Force subjects from World War II. With all of the information that has been compiled there, it was only natural that they produce some decals to cover some of these subjects that get overlooked by other decal companies. In this installment, the first in 1/32 scale and their fourth in the parallel 1/48 scale release, we have five Bf 109s that were the mounts for five Regia Aeronautica aces. This decal set comes on one large sheet and provides markings for five aircraft:

Bf 109G Bf 109G

  • Bf 109G-6/R6/Trop, W.Nr. 18421, 363a Sq/150 Gruppo, Sciacca, July 1943, as flown by Tenente Ugo Drago
  • Bf 109G-6/R6/Trop, W.Nr. unknown, 150 Gruppo Autonomo, Sciacca, July 1943, as flown by Tenente Antonio Vizzotto
  • Bf 109G-6/R6/Trop, W.Nr. 18391, 364a Sq/150 Gruppo, Sciacca, July 1943, as flown by Capitano Mario Bellagambi
  • Bf 109G-6/Trop, W.Nr. 18096, 154a Sq/3 Gruppo, Comiso, July 1943, as flown by Soffotenente Giuseppe Ruzzin
  • Bf 109G-2/Trop, W.Nr. 10610, 73 Sq/IX Gruppo/4 Stormo, Ciampino, May-June 1943, as flown by Tenente Guilio Reiner

The set comes with sufficient markings for one aircraft and if you can scavenge some equivalent Regia Aeronautica markings out of another kit, you might get a second Gustav out of this set. The printing is spot on and provide for some distinctive options for your favorite 1/32 Gustav kit.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Stormo! Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Stormo! for this review sample!