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Syh@rt Decals 1/72 Bombardiers d'eau 'Sécurité Civile Française' Partie 2 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2014 Manufacturer Syh@rt Decals
Subject Bombardiers d'eau 'Sécurité Civile Française' Partie 2 Scale 1/72
Set Number 72913 Pros Great color schemes for the French fire bombers
Cons None noted Skill Level Experienced
MSRP (Euro) 15.00€

First Look

Late last year, Syh@art Decals released an interesting decal set depicting a variety of CL-415 and C-130A fire tankers in French service. Here is part two of that set which covers the CL-215, S-2 Tracker (piston and turboprop), and the Fokker F-27 - all in firebomber configurations.

Bombardiers Bombardiers Bombardiers

The aircraft that can be replicated by this set include:

  • CL-215, Pelican 19, F-ZBBT, 1973
  • CL-215, Pelican 40, F-ZBBM, 1976
  • CL-215, Pelican 24, F-ZBDD, 1995
  • CL-215, Pelican 01, F-ZBBR, 1976
  • CL-215, Pelican 47, F-ZBBW, 1995
  • CL-215, Pelican 28, F-ZBBJ, 1995
  • Firecat, Tracker T10, F-ZBBL, 1989
  • Firecat, Tracker T2, F-ZBAU, 2006
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T577, C-FKUF, 1996
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T16, F-ZBFO, 1988
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T23, F-ZBEW
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T01, F-ZBAZ
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T24, F-ZBMA, 2002
  • Turbo Firecat, Tracker T07, F-ZBEY, 2012
  • F-27, Pelican 627, C-GSFS, 1989
  • F-27, Pelican 628, C-FBDY, 1989
  • F-27, Pelican 72, F-ZBFG, 1990
  • F-27, Pelican 71, F-ZBFF, 2004

The instructions show you the color and markings for these versions in color four-view drawings and you can see in the images above that there are seven sheets of varying sizes provided with nice decals to render any number of these subjects for your shelf.

This is another nice release from Syh@rt Decals and will make for a colorful change to build a bomber that drops its load to put out fires instead of starting them.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Syh@rt Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Syh@rt Decals for this review sample!