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Turquoise Decals

Turquoise Decals 1/72 (R)F-4E Turkish Air Force 113 and 173 Squadrons Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2008 Manufacturer Turquoise Decals
Subject (R)F-4E Turkish Air Force 113 and 173 Squadrons Scale 1/72
Set Number TD8 Pros Markings for seven recce Phantoms and one F-4E of the Turkish AF
Cons Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $17.00

First Look

Here is an interesting new decal company (at least new to me) - Turquoise Decals from Turkey. They've produced a decal sheet for the Hasegawa F-4E and RF-4E kits with markings to replicate any one of eight different aircraft. Actually, with the exception of the national markings and walkways, you can replicate nearly all of the aircraft in this set as there are lots of extra stencils here.

Turquoise Decals Turquoise Decals Turquoise Decals Turquoise Decals

This is the first set I am aware of that focuses on the Phantoms of the Turkish Air Force, and these aircraft wore not only standard US camouflage schemes, they also carried some indigenous camouflage as well. The aircraft presented in this set are:

  • RF-4E-47-MC, 69-7530, 113 Sqn, SEA Camo
  • RF-4E-44-MC, 69-7458, 113 Sqn, Hill 2 Camo
  • RF-4E-45-MC, 69-7466, 113 Sqn, Norm 83A
  • RF-4E-44-MC, 69-7459, 113 Sqn, Norm 83B
  • RF-4E-44-MC, 69-7459, 113 Sqn, Norm 83B
  • RF-4E-47-MC, 69-7526, 173 Sqn, SEA Camo
  • RF-4E-44-MC, 69-7457, 173 Sqn, SEA Camo
  • F-4E-36-MC, 67-0342, 173 Sqn, SEA Camo

Seven pages of decal placement diagrams are provided to clearly show the differences in markings between each of the eight example - a nice extra effort. While there are no camouflage patterns provided in this set, the Turquoise Decals website has very high resolution color patterns available for you to download and print.

This set also includes two sheets of decals shown above complete with lots of extra markings. As I mentioned above, there are almost enough decals to replicate at least five aircraft here though there are only one set of national markings and walkways provided.

This is a nice change of pace to provide you with a not-often seen NATO member and the Phantoms in service with two of the Turkish AF's squadrons.

Highly recommended!

Turquoise Decals can be purchased directly from their website at

My sincere thanks to Turquoise Decals for this review sample!