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Tailcodes and Numbers

USAFline 1/72 Tailcodes and Numbers Decal First Look

By Chuck Holte

Date of Review November 2018 Manufacturer USAFline
Subject Tailcodes and Numbers Scale 1/72
Set Number 72023 Pros Fills gap in scale tail code decals
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (GBP) £6.00

First Look

USAFline , an aftermarket company based in the United Kingdom, recently added another sheet in their "Distinctive Unit Aircraft Markings" series in 1/72 scale.  This sheet provides 24" tailcodes and serial numbers in light grey (FS36622) to cover the period from the 1960s up to the period when white tailcodes were adopted. Aircraft carrying light grey tailcodes include the B-57, B-66, C-47, F-4, F-100, F-102, F-101, F-105 and F-111. The sheet also provides 6" USAF markings and letters for camouflaged aircraft which did not carry tailcodes.

VA-75 Sunday Punchers (2) Tailcodes and Numbers

The grey tone used on this sheet is slightly darker than FS36622 but is a close match to tones used by other decal manufacturers for consistency.

The densely populated 6x8 inch water-slide sheets are crisply screen printed in accurate USAF style Amarillo font with thin carrier film and minimal edge film.  The two page 8 x 11½ instruction and placement guide is an excellent reference in its own right, drawing largely from the official USAF Tech Order 1-1-4 "EXTERIOR FINISHES, INSIGNIA AND MARKINGS, APPLICABLE TO USAF AIRCRAFT."  Decals may be ordered directly from USAFline. 

These decals will be welcomed by those who wish to accurately model specific subjects not covered by kit or commercial decals. They will also be useful in replacing those dried and yellowed old kit decals not up to current decal standards.  Recommended.

My sincere thanks to USAFline for these review samples!