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W&D Studio 1/48 F-16N and TF-16N USN Viper Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2012 Manufacturer W&D Studio
Subject F-16N and TF-16N USN Viper Scale 1/48
Set Number WD-D48001 Pros Complete package to transform your Viper to an F-16N adversary
Cons None noted Skill Level Experienced
MSRP (USD) $24.90 (approx)

First Look

W&D Studio is an aftermarket decal and detail company from Taipei, Taiwan that has been producing a wide range of very nice pitot tubes and angle-of-attack probes for a variety of kits. Robert Kuo, one of the principals of the company is also very heavily involved with a Chinese-language hobby website - the PMW. He advised that the PMW will not only have a webstore feature very soon, it will also be available in English as well. Good thing too as I think you'll be interested in some of the products coming from this company!

F-16N F-16N

In this release, we have a decal sheet for US Navy F-16 adversaries complete with some excellent four-view color profiles and painting instructions for the two major camouflage schemes worn by these aircraft.

The examples presented here include:

  1. F-16N, 163570, VF-45, Red 21
  2. TF-16N, 163281, VF-45, Green 25
  3. F-16N, 163572, VF-45, Red 23
  4. F-16N, 163577, VF-43, Black 03
  5. F-16N, 163577, NFWS
  6. F-16N, 163277, VF-126, Red 03

In addition to the very nice decal sheet, this set also includes a pair of the Pave Penny-looking pods that were mounted on either side of the intake as well as turned metal angle-of-attack probes and a pitot tube for the radome. All you need to provide is a Block 30 F-16C or F-16D that includes the narrow-mouth (NSI) inlet and this set will dress up the nose and provide you with a very nice Top Gun Viper.

This set will be available from The PMW soon and many of their detail sets are carried by Lucky Model and HobbyEasy as well.

My sincere thanks to W&D Studio for this review sample!