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Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends

Werners Wings 1/32 Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2017 Manufacturer Werners Wings
Subject Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends Scale 1/32
Set Number 3201 Pros Many MiG-killer options
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $25.00

First Look

Werners Wings is well known for producing aftermarket decals and details for interesting rotary-winged subjects, but every now and then, they'll also tackle some interesting fixed-wing subjects. Here is a limited edition release of 'Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends' produced in 1/32 scale and sponsored by Kitty Hawk Models. This set covers US Air Force MiG-killers from Vietnam and provides an interesting array of subjects.

Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie and Friends

This set includes 13 subjects, several of which have different marking variation options which include:

  • F-4D, 66-7463, Ritchie's first kill, 10 May 1972
  • F-4D, 65-0801, Ritchie's second kill, 31 May 1972
  • F-4E, 68-0362, Ritchie's third and fourth kill, 8 July 1972
  • F-4D, 66-7463, Ritchie's fifth kill, 28 Aug 1972
  • F-4D, 66-7463, McCoy/Brown's kill, 15 Oct 1972
  • F-4E, 67-0338, Bricker's Kill, 1972
  • F-4D, 65-0700, Bricker's aircraft in USAFE, 1974
  • F-4D, 66-7661, MiG Killer
  • F-4D, 66-0271, Bailey/Feinstein's two kills, July 1972
  • F-4C, 64-0851, Chappie James' kill, 2 Jan 1967
  • F-4D, 66-7550, Cherry/Feinstein's kill, 16 Apr 1972
  • F-4C, 63-7680, Robin Olds' First MiG, 2 Jan 1967
  • F-4C, 64-0829, Robin Olds' Second MiG, May 1967

This set is sized for the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D and F-4E kits and include distinctive markings for all aircraft, national markings and basic stenciling for two aircraft. This set also includes notes for each of the options detailing known load-outs for each of the MiG-killing sorties so you can replicate the aircraft accurately.

Note: Werner's Wings previously released the 'Vietnam Ace Steve Ritche and Friends' set in 1/72 and 1/48, but for this limited edition, they added the Operation Bolo kills for Robin Olds' aircraft.

If you want to have the best set of MiG-killer options in one set, this is the decal release you've been waiting for, and since only 200 sets were produced, you'll want to order a set today! These are available directly from the Werners Wings website.

My sincere thanks to Werners Wings and Kitty Hawk Models for this review sample!