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F-86 Cockpit 'Short Set'

AMS Resin 1/32 F-86 Cockpit 'Short Set' First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2007 Manufacturer AMS Resin
Subject F-86 Cockpit 'Short Set' Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32012 Media Resin
Pros Clears up a few detail issues in the Kinetic cockpit Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $22.00

First Look

AMS Resin is back with another nice-looking detail set, this time for the front office of the Kinetic 1/32 F-86F-30 Sabre kit. While the kit is not bad, it is a bit plain in the cockpit and some of the details just don't look quite right. While many modelers would be happy with the kit out of the box, the AMS modeler would want to tweak up that cockpit as it is one of the most viewed areas of any fighter model. AMS Resin did a nice job with the set as they didn't get carried away replicating everything in resin.

While the cockpit tub is fine, that aft 'armor' bulkhead gets a resin replacement. The set also provides a beautifully detailed instrument panel and you can read the time off that clock! These details are further enhanced with a new ejection seat and control stick.

F-86 Cockpit 'Short Set'

The last detail addressed in the set is the area above the instrument panel glare shield that mounts the gun sights and a few additional instruments. AMS Resin has re-engineered this area with a replacement that will look great under that windscreen. You just need to add the combining glass to the frame on the gunsight.

This set is designed for the Kinetic kit, though I imagine it could be fitted to the venerable Hasegawa 1/32 F-86F-40 if you were so inclined.

Recommended for experienced modelers!

My sincere thanks to AMS Resin for this review sample!