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MiG-17 Super Detailed Cockpit

AMS Resin 1/32 MiG-17 Super Detailed Cockpit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2009 Manufacturer AMS Resin
Subject MiG-17 Super Detailed Cockpit Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32030 Media Resin
Pros Nice update to the Trumpeter or Hobbycraft kit Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $32.00

First Look

AMS Resin is back with another nice detail set, this time for the Trumpeter 1/32 scale single seat MiG-17 kits (also released by Hobbycraft). In their usual style, AMS has cast loads of detail into a few parts making this a drop-in upgrade to any of the single-seat MiG-17s from Trumpeter or Hobbycraft.

MiG-17 Super Detailed Cockpit

The set starts with the all-important cockpit tub. The Trumpeter kit is okay out of the box, but it doesn't capture the busy details that the full-scale cockpit had inside.

If you click on the image above, you can see a close-up of the tub and AMS has somehow captured the cabling as well as the unique switch panels that made up the early MiGs' cockpits. The instrument panel with the revised gunsight and frame also capture the instrument bezels nicely. All you'll need to do is paint the panel and use your Waldron punch to insert the instrument faces into the panel and really get a nice result. What you don't see in the above photo is all of the cabling in and around the gunsight atop the panel where it is quite visible in the windscreen. A corrected control stick is also included.

Next we have a replacement ejection seat that gets the foot stirrups, seat belts and shoulder harness detail all in place, plus the distinctive headrest that is cast separately. Last but not least is the replacement ventral fin that is accurate in shape and replaces the kit fin.

Recommended for experienced modelers!

My sincere thanks to AMS Resin for this review sample!

For more information on the MiG-17, stop by our online reference here.