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A-4C Skyhawk Conversion

AMS Resin 1/32 A-4C Skyhawk Conversion First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2012 Manufacturer AMS Resin
Subject A-4C Skyhawk Conversion Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32056 Media Resin, Decals
Pros Beautifully backdates the Trumpeter A-4E/F kit and provides very colorful Zotz Decals marking options Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $57.99

First Look

AMS Resin has teamed up with Zotz Decals to produce a very interesting conversion. This set provides the parts and markings to produce the A-4C Skyhawk from either the Trumpeter 1/32 A-4E or A-4F Skyhawk kits. The set provides the general conversion parts to render the A-4C including the requisite short nose, shorter seamless intakes, beautiful ESCAPAC 1A1 ejection seat, shorter tailpipe, spoked-type wheel hubs, and the windshield wiper. The instructions also call out the minor mid-fuselage corrections to remove the engine access door that wasn't on the A-4C. The conversion instructions are provided on a mini-CD along with the color profiles, decal placement instructions, and photo references.

A-4C Skyhawk Conversion
A-4C Skyhawk ConversionA-4C Skyhawk ConversionA-4C Skyhawk Conversion

In addition to the general parts needed to backdate the Trumpeter kit to the A-4C, AMS Resin has also included parts to convert the A-4C into the Argentine version as flown during the Malvinas/Falklands War. These include the radar altimeter antenna near the tailpipe, the distinctive dorsal antenna dome behind the cockpit, and the VHF blade antenna immediately behind the cockpit.

There isn't much point in backdating the Skyhawk into an A-4C unless there are decals to provide some options. Zotz Decals produced a two-sheet set of very colorful markings options for the A-4C, two US Navy CAGS, one 'Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club' Scooter, and two Argentine Air Force examples. This include:

  • A-4C, 148543, VA-15, AA/401, USS Forrestal, 1969
  • A-4C, 145143, VA-172, AB/300, USS Franklin D Roosevelt, 1966
  • A-4C, 147683, VA-192, NM/200, NAS Lemoore, 1965
  • A-4C, 149564, Grupo 4, IV Brigada Aerea Argentina, San Julian, May 1982
  • A-4C, 148556, Grupo 4, IV Brigada Aerea Argentina, San Julian, May 1982

This is really a nice set-up for the Trumpeter Scooter that will provide a beautiful show piece. The only problem I found in this set was a missing PDF to show decal placement for the VA-192 example.

This set is recommended for experienced modelers!

My sincere thanks to AMS Resin for this review sample!