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DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun

Armory 1/72 DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2009 Manufacturer Armory
Subject DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7239 Primary Media Resin/PE
Pros Detailed gun for T-54/55/62 Turret Cons None noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (Euro) 4.50€

First Look

DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun
DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun

Armory of the Ukraine has released a number of very nice detail sets, this one tackling an important detail on cold-war era Soviet tanks, the DShK machine gun. The DShK is a 12.7mm machine gun that was the standard armament for the pintle next to the tank commander's hatch. This gun was found on numerous variants of the T-54, T-55, and T-62 tanks and even some newer types.

The set is comprised of five finely cast resin parts consisting of the machine gun, recoil mechanism, ammo can, mount, and counterbalance. A small fret of photo-etch is also included comprising the ammo belt between the ammo can and machine gun breech and gun handles.

It amazes me just how far resin casting technology has come in the last few decades. The castings for these gun parts are very fine and are absolutely tiny in 1/72 scale. Nevertheless, if you mount this set on your next Soviet-era main battle tank, you'll have the gun out-detail the tank! Nice!

You can purchase Armory products from a number of online stockists as well as directly from their online store.

My sincere thanks to Armory for this review sample!