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AH-1W Super Cobra

Bronco Models 1/350 AH-1W Super Cobra First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2014 Manufacturer Bronco Models
Subject AH-1W Super Cobra Scale 1/350
Kit Number 5049 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Four aircraft and five marking options Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $11.95

First Look

AH-1W Super Cobra
AH-1W Super Cobra

With the growing fleet of 1/350th scale aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ship kits, the opportunity has come for model makers to offer aircraft produced for their flight decks to be offered separately to modelers building other subjects. In fact, there are a few companies like Bronco Models now producing small scale kits of their own.

In this release, we have the AH-1W 'Whiskey' Cobra molded in clear so you can, with some careful painting, create the illusion of a scaled down detailed model. While others have produced the AH-1W, this kit has some very nice detailing and individualized decals in scale as well. There are four complete AH-1W models and marking options for five subjects in this box. The subjects include:

  • AH-1W, 165317, EM/snake, HMM-261, Operation Bright Star, 2000
  • AH-1W, 162542, TV/snake, HML/A-167, 2002
  • AH-1W, 162545, UV/sharkmouth, HML/A-167, 2001
  • AH-1W, unknown, PM/sharkmouth
  • AH-1W, unknown, UV/165

While the subjects in this box do not create a cohesive unit for a given embarked unit, they do provide some distinctive subjects which may suit the eye-catching response you want for your flight deck.

Thanks to DML for this review sample.