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U-Boot VIIc Engine Section

CMK 1/72 U-Boot VIIc Engine Section First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2005 Manufacturer CMK
Subject U-Boot VIIc Engine Section Scale 1/72
Kit Number N72003 Media Resin, Photo-Etch
Pros Incredible interior detail! Cons Costs as much as the kit!
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $55.98

First Look

U-Boot VIIc Engine Section

Revell/Germany produced a highly sought after kit in a huge scale - 1/72. Huge? When the subject is a Type VIIc U-Boat, that's respectable. For those who want larger, Andrea still has their 1/35 Type VIIc kit, but you're on your own getting a larger house to display it!

The kit features nice detailing out of the box (and a big box it is!), and quite a few aftermarket companies have naturally jumped on the bandwagon and have released sets to help detail out the exterior of the kit. These include White Ensign Models and Eduard, who've released some nice details in photo-etch, and interestingly enough, there is very little duplication of details in the two sets - get both! (I did...)

Of course there are but a few ship kits out there that provide any interior details, and for Revell/Germany to attempt an interior in this kit would have likely driven the retail price of the kit out of sight. Nevertheless, the designers at CMK have taken on the challenge and are in the process of releasing three interior detail sets: N72001 - Command Section; N72002 - Torpedo Room; N72003 - Engine Room.

This set is the engine room. Here we have one of the two diesels, catwalk, and support gear that you'd find in the engine room. Personally, I would have rather seem both diesels in the set, but CMK is treating this model as a true cut-away so we're looking at a cross-section of the boat. The detailing and casting of the resin parts is very sharp. If you have any problems trying to imagine the color and any additional detailing you might want to add in this compartment, just rent Das Boot for a little entertaining research and inspiration.

The main effort will be to cut away the corresponding section out of the right (starboard) side of the hull. As with the previous two sets reviewed here, the conversion includes a nice razor saw. This is a double-sided, very fine razor saw that should make the job of cutting away major areas of the kit's starboard side easier. This is a first class touch from CMK. Bravo Zulu!

Face it, if you have one of the U-Boat kits (or are considering one) and you are at least partially afflicted with AMS (Advanced Modelers' Syndrome (you can NEVER build anything straight from the box!)), you're going to want to install at least one of these interiors to your submarine. I plan on using all three as these details will turn this kit into a museum-quality display model.

See for yourself and you'll know why I have to rate this 'highly recommended!'