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Wires and Stretchers

Eduard 1/32 Wires and Stretchers First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2015 Manufacturer Eduard
Subject Wires and Stretchers Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32367 Media Photo-Etch
Pros Rigging system for 1/32 WWI aircraft and post-war biplanes Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $22.95

First Look

Eduard from the Czech Republic is easily the most prolific producer of aftermarket details. Period. Their series of photo-etched detail sets have brought additional fidelity to otherwise bland subjects, and have taken even the best-produced models and kicked them up a notch or two with details that cannot be produced with injection-molded plastic.

Wires and Stretchers

In this release, Eduard has engineered a simple method of rigging WWI aircraft and post-war biplanes in 1/32 scale. This photo-etch fret has rigging wire at about 2mm with an anchor and two types of turnbuckle on one end. Simply drill a 3mm hole where the anchor w/turnbuckle would go and another 3mm where a separate anchor would mount. Mount the turnbuckle end to the first point, and thread the other end of the wire through the separately rendered anchor at the needed length. Fold, glue and trim, and you've got your first wire run. Repeat as needed and you can quickly rig your aircraft with little fuss. If you'd rather use rigging line, simply cut the 3mm etched wire from the turnbuckle, mount the turnbuckle/anchor on one end and the standalone anchor on the other end, then run your rigging through the etched loops. Nice! There are 32 wires with turnbuckles/anchors as well as 36 standalone anchors in each set/fret.

This is a nicely thought-out alternative to rigging aircraft and leaves you with the option of using the 2mm etched wire or your own filament, strand, or whatever with these anchors/turnbuckles to rig your next project. Nice!

My sincere thanks to Eduard for this review sample!