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MiG-3 Detail

Eduard 1/48 MiG-3 Detail Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2008 Manufacturer Eduard
Subject MiG-3 Detail Set Scale 1/48
Kit Number 49388 Media Photo-Etch
Pros Provides nice detail updates for the Trumpeter kit Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $22.95

First Look

MiG-3 Detail
MiG-3 Detail
MiG-3 Detail

Eduard from the Czech Republic is easily the most prolific producer of aftermarket details. Period. Their series of photo-etched detail sets have brought additional fidelity to otherwise bland subjects, and have taken even the best-produced models and kicked them up a notch or two with details that cannot be produced with injection-molded plastic.

When Eduard first introduced the acetate-printed instrument faces that go behind their photo-etched instrument panels, this raised the bar on model cockpit reality as you could almost read the time on the aircraft clock. How could they top that?

It took a number of years, but the answer is color photo-etch. Somehow Eduard has developed a process for printing color directly on their photo-etched parts such that now you not only can read the instrument faces, you can now see the color warning arcs around airspeed indicators and color reference circles around Luftwaffe flight and engine instruments.

In this release, Eduard has produced a set of photo-etched details for Trumpeter's nice 1/48 scale MiG-3 kit ( reviewed here). This set is a combination interior and exterior detail set with much of the emphasis inside the cockpit.

This set consists of three frets of photo-etched details, two of which is printed in color. You can browse through the high resolution images to the right (click on one to see the large image) to see how fine the color printing has become.

The details include new color-printed instrument panel (properly sized for this kit), and the various control heads around the cockpit interior. In addition, Trumpeter has provided a nice set of seatbelts and shoulder harnesses in color as well.

Clearly Eduard wasn't happy with the kit cockpit as these parts almost completely replace kit's parts. About all you'll use out of the stock kit is the pilot's seat, modified rudder pedals, modeified gun sight, control yoke, and a highly modifed floor board.

When you're done rebuilding the cockpit, this set provides details for the insides of the main gear doors and new tail wheel doors. Structural details are also provided for the inside of the main wheel wells too. The canopy receives grab handles and a locking handle.

The set is rounded out with new fins for the aerial rockets, details for the inside of the ventral radiator, and even new oleo scissors for the main gear struts.

While this set will really set off the detail in the Trumpeter kit, this detail set is not for the beginning modeler. You will need to be able to remove the photo-etch parts from their frets (simple once you know how) and then be able to apply these details using cyano adhesives without gluing yourself to the kit parts. It isn't difficult, or else these sets wouldn't be so popular.

You should be able to find this detail set at your local hobby retailer or one of the many online hobby shops. Trust me, this is worth looking for!

My sincere thanks to Eduard for this review sample!