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US Infantry Weapons WWII

Eduard 1/35 US Infantry Weapons WWII First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2007 Manufacturer Eduard
Subject US Infantry Weapons WWII Scale 1/35
Kit Number TP500 Media Photo-Etch
Pros A fantastic detail set for Tamiya's US Infantry Weapons WWII set Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $24.95

First Look

Eduard continues to amaze me with the detail sets that they turn out. Double that when you consider the revolutionary color photo-etch process they're using now. This detail set is fascinating in that it is designed for Tamiya's 1/35 35121 US Infantry Weapons Set - another detail set!

US Infantry Weapons WWIITP500

Tamiya's set includes a variety of WWII US infantry weapons from the simple bayonette to the still-popular 50 caliber machine gun. The Tamiya set is intended to dress up any of their other US WWII vehicle models with weapons that you'd find issued to the vehicle operators and/or passengers.

So here is the Eduard detail set with an MSRP of $24.95 designed for the Tamiya detail set with an MSRP of $4.70. If you just said 'so what?', then you're an AMS modeler like me. I think this is cool!

So what do you get in this set? THREE frets of photo-etch. Two of these sets are printed in color - on both sides as you can see in the images. The other contains a variety of detail parts that you can finish according to the color schemes that you're selecting.

On the color photo-etch fret, you get:

  • Leather shoulder for the rifles
  • Cloth shoulder straps for the rifles
  • Leather holders for the side arms

On the other non-colored fret, you get:

  • Bayonette blades
  • Different style triggers and trigger guards for the pistols and rifles
  • Scope mounts
  • Rifle sights
  • Submachine gun folding stock
  • Bazooka rocket fins
  • 50 Cal air-cooling shroud
  • 50 Cal barrel handle
  • 50 Cal hand grips
  • Tripod and bipod details

When you combine these details with the Tamiya weapons, and then equip your new DML M3A1 Halftrack with the new DML Gen2 US Armored Infantry figures armed up with these weapons, you're going to have some eye-catching details. I'm looking at using some of these details on my Italeri PT-596 project as well.

This set is definitely recommended!

My sincere thanks to Eduard for this review sample!