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Mk.118 3000lb Demolition Bombs

Fisher Model and Pattern 1/32 Mk.118 3000lb Demolition Bombs First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2009 Manufacturer Fisher Model and Pattern
Subject Mk.118 3000lb Demolition Bombs Scale 1/32
Kit Number A3211 Primary Media Resin
Pros Unique weapons set not available in 1/32 (or any other scale) Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $TBA

First Look

Mk.118 3000lb Demolition Bombs

Resin guru Paul Fisher of Fisher Model and Pattern has released another interesting subject, the Mk.118 3,000 pound bomb. Most modern weapons sets provide the standard weapons for Vietnam era and newer loadouts including the Mk.82 500lb, Mk.83 1000lb, and Mk.84 2000lb bombs. You'll also see these same bombs with laser guidance kits with a GBU designator in the Paveway series, GPS guidance kits in the JDAM series, and other variations. Some sets will also include the Mk.117 750lb bomb as well. During the Vietnam era, there was one other bomb carried by the F-100, F-104, F-105, and the F-4, the Mk.118. At over 3000 pounds per bomb, you didn't see this carried often, but it was used as a demolition weapon.

F-104 did I say? If you can find the VHS film entitled 'The Starfighters', it was a pseudo-drama that was filmed in 1964 with live action footage of F-104s skip bombing in the desert ranges on the high desert of California (stationed at George AFB). I wish I still had a copy of that film (especially on DVD) as there was some terrific shots of the F-104 still in colorful bare metal schemes and definitely bombing.

Like many of the bombs above, the Mk.118 was given a TV nose and control fins to become part of the HOBOS family, a laser seeker to be a GBU, and even in one concept test was fitted with an AIM-9B seeker to test an infrared guided bomb and dubbed by the Navy as Bombwinder.

This set provides a nice pair of 3000 bombs with separately cast fins and tailcone assembly (no fins to glue on individually), plus a standard fuse and a fuse extender.

If you want to have a distinctive loadout on your next Thud (or Starfighter, Super Sabre, or Phantom) project, grab a pair of these gems from Fisher Models. You'll definitely turn some heads.

My sincere thanks to Fisher Model and Pattern for this review sample!