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Sea Fury Cockpit Set

Fisher Model and Pattern 1/32 Sea Fury Cockpit Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2008 Manufacturer Fisher Model and Pattern
Subject Sea Fury Cockpit Set Scale 1/32
Kit Number AHC1 Primary Media Resin, photo-etch, acetate instrument faces
Pros Super detailed cockpit from Fisher's resin Sea Fury now available for the Hobbycraft kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $35.00

First Look

Sea Fury Cockpit Set

The set also includes a set of clear resin windscreen and canopy to further enhance your kit since the stock kit's canopy and windscreen are molded as one piece.

For those of us who've seen the Fisher Model and Pattern release of the 1/32 Hawker Sea Fury (reviewed here), it didn't take much convincing for me to buy one. The model is absolutely gorgeous out of the box.

So why is Fisher Model and Pattern offering the cockpit out of that kit separately? Hobbycraft Canada produced a styrene Sea Fury in 1/32 scale (reviewed here) and it provides the basics of a cockpit (remember, this is a new Sea Fury kit for under $40). Many AMS modelers want to dress up their Hobbycraft kits and Fisher Models has released this cockpit set as one of five detail sets for the Hobbycraft kit.

The cockpit is resin and photo-etch, along with a set of acetate-printed instrument faces to go behind the photo-etched instrument panels.

Take a look at that detail. This is the cockpit mastered by Roy Sutherland for the Fisher kit, and Fisher Models has tweaked this set to work with the Hobbycraft kit. As with the original cockpit, this set includes a new tub, rear bulkhead, seat, sidewalls, control yoke, rudder pedals, and other details in tan resin.

The photo-etch fret contains the instrument panel faces (three facets that mount onto the resin panel backplate), seatbelts/shoulder harness, compass stand, gun sight brackets, and various cranks, wheels and levers.

The instructions walk you though the steps needed to modify the stock kit cockpit to accept the new resin parts. These are well illustrated and will take you incrementally though the assembly process to have the same stunning cockpit that comes with Fisher's own Sea Fury kits.

My sincere thanks to Fisher Model and Pattern for this review sample!