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Hudson and Allen 1/35 Printed Accessory Sets First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review November 2012 Manufacturer Hudson and Allen
Subject Printed Accessory Sets Scale 1/35
Kit Number 32510 Primary Media Paper
Pros Neatly printed and easy to assemble boxes which can be used for dioramas or cargo and include all components associated with basic packing materials Cons All subjects require careful cutting out with a very sharp and fresh knife blade
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $5.50

First Look

I recently noted a number of comments on one of the websites about a lack of boxes and cargo for military trucks and vehicles, and suddenly remembered when I bought a set of H&A modern C-ration boxes about 15 years ago which went onto a Vietnam era M551Sheridan I built. But someone told me that H&A went out of business and were not producing them anymore.

Wrong! I found out today they are alive and well and still producing modeling accessories and details. I picked up these four sets today at IPMS Baltimore's "Maraudercon" and then checked with their website.

These four sets cover some of the more common items modelers will like to use.

Set 1110 covers WWII C-rations (10-in-1 rations) and come with six boxes and six sleeves – the boxes were never held together with glue or staples and relied on the sleeve and strapping tape to hold them together. The sheets come in a light brown card which matches well with undyed cardboard and each part must be cut out and glued together. While a simple blade can be used for folding a device like a "Hold 'n' Fold" will also help getting sharp bents.

Set 1112 provides a selection of common supply items shipped in boxes. With a jewelers' loupe (!) these include M1943 field jackets, canteen covers, wax candles, oil filters with gaskets, raincoats, field dressings with packets, and winter socks. Each is more or less readable (it is tiny type!) and the proper size and shape for each shipping lot.

Set 1113 offers more of the same, but this time the boxes cover spam (!), powdered eggs, gas masks, SCR-508 radio tube sets, SCR-508 radio receivers, sterile gauze rolls, and "jeep" caps.

Set 1114 provides two different production lots of K-rations, which basically differ in the printing on the box One has large print and a 1943 production date and the other small print and an 1944 tag.

Overall these are brilliant and while requiring care to assemble are an easy addition to any US vehicle or great cargo for a 3/4 or 2 ½ ton truck.