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X-15 Full Meal Deal Set

Hypersonic Models 1/48 X-15 Full Meal Deal Set First Look

By Fotios Rouch

Date of Review April 2013 Manufacturer Hypersonic Models
Subject X-15 Full Meal Deal Scale 1/48
Kit Number Full Meal Deal Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nice detailed detailed corrections for the Special Hobby kit Cons
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (BP) £45.00

First Look

Hypersonic Models is news to me and very pleasant news at that. I first noticed them at modeling forum showing off their new resin parts for correcting the new Academy Phantom.  From there I went to their website where I was greeted with a myriad of parts for correcting the Special Hobby X-15 kit, one of my favorite subjects. There were so many different sets there I was not sure where to start!

X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set X-15 Full Meal Deal Set

The best part was that Hypersonic Models have a super set that includes every single individual set.  They call it X-15 Full Meal Deal.  This is exactly what I ordered (I did get all the wonderful Phantoms parts too and I will review them when I work on my new Academy Phantom). Common comment applicable to all the subsets.  The castings are very nice with no pinholes or imperfections in my example.  The dark gray pigmented resin is also an interesting departure from the usual tan resin we are used to.  Also, all the instructions are hand drawn with no pictures.  The instructions are clear nevertheless and very useable.

The resin parts also came very nicely packed inside a sturdy box and inside bubble wrap and in individual Ziploc bags and nothing broke during the trip from the UK. The images included were shot in groups of my choosing and not as they come in the individual sets as I got the whole collection in one shipment. If you want to see how the pieces are grouped and sold in sets go to the Hypersonic Models website:

X-15 Extended Landing Skids (I chose the A-2 long strut option)

This is a resin/brass set combination to replace the Special Hobby parts.  The resin parts are depicting the folding and the actuating mechanism, actuator bays and the skid shoes.

X-15 Ground Dolly

This is a very detailed dolly that can be used for all the X-15 variants and it contains extra parts such as extra reservoirs, heavy duty rams, etc. to add to make it suitable for A-2 duties.

X-15 Rear Fuselage (I chose the long A-2 rear fuselage again)

This is a major effort here in correcting the Special kit and adding a lot more detail at the same time. It comprises of the whole rear fuselage with many corrections fixing the top and side shapes.  The rudders have been corrected and the speed brakes can be posed open.  The exhaust cone has been improved and all the necessary plumbing is present.  The hydrogen peroxide tank that provided the superheated steam for pitch and yaw control in the nose area and roll control at the wings.  Instructions are provided for all the cut points for adapting the corrected fuselage to the kit.

X-15 Forward fuselage and cockpit set  (I chose A-2 version with the long nose and different cockpit layout and longer nose landing gear)

The detail is very good and much more accurate than what is in Special Hobby kit.  The set includes a clear acetate sheet with cutting templates and masks to help the modeler dress the canopy. The instrument panel is depicting the A-2 panel really well.  The instrument panel coaming is also very detailed and it came wrapped in tissue paper.  The ejection seat comes in multiple parts with lots of detail and nice harnesses. The wheel well is very detailed and of proper depth.  I like that the long nose gear was carefully wrapped in tissue paper for safety since it is so delicate.  I hope it can hold the weight of the model.

X-15 Stabilators

There is a big difference between the Special Hobby stabilizers and the Hypersonic Models ones.  The span has been corrected as well as the general shape.  My image does not show it really well but there is a lot of surface detail now as well.