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Battlestar Pegasus Landing Bays Detail Set

ParaGraphix 1/4105 Battlestar Pegasus Landing Bays Detail Set First Look

By Stephen Sutton

Date of Review August 2013 Manufacturer ParaGraphix
Subject Battlestar Pegasus Landing Bays Detail Set Scale 1/4105
Set Number PGX168 Primary Media Photo-Etch
Pros Add Through-deck landing bays Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $34.95

First Look

Paragrafix has release the Battlestar Pegasus Landing Bays Photo etch (PE) Detail set to add additional landing bays detailing for the 1/4105 scale Moebius Battlestar Pegasus kit.  This set includes 14 detailed brass photo etch pieces.

Battlestar Pegasus Landing Bays Detail Set

This set allows you to easily convert the Moebius Pegasus landing bays into true-through bays; some minor modifications are required to the kit in removing internal walls and some alignment pins.  This set will allow you the light the kit and no photo etch folding tool is required to fold the parts.

Included in the set are:

  • 2 Upper Landing Bay Side Details
  • 2 Lower Landing Bay Side Details
  • 10 Garage Door Details

This set is a must have for anyone who wants to add the extra detail and add lights to the Pegasus Battlestar kit.  Thanks to Paul from Paragrafix for expressing this PE set. I highly recommend this set.