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DH.100 Vampire Mk.6 Cockpit Set

Pavla 1/72 DH.100 Vampire Mk.6 Cockpit Set First Look

By Sundiata Cowels

Date of Review November 2013 Manufacturer Pavla Models
Subject DH.100 Vampire Mk.6 Cockpit Set Scale 1/72
Kit Number 72101 Media Resin
Pros Exceptional detail Cons See text
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) TBA

First Look

Pavla Models' latest blister pack offering is a complete "front office" overhaul for the Amodel DH.100 Vampire Mk VI kit in 1/72 scale. In one package you get:

DH.100 Vampire Mk.6 Cockpit Set

  • Left and right sidewalls
  • Well defined instrument panel
  • Properly formed ejection seat with harness and pull ring
  • Joystick and rudder pedals
  • Cockpit tub
  • Rear cockpit oxygen canister, platform and bulkhead
  • Vacuform clear plastic canopy

Instructions are included but as with many Pavla Model upgrade kits, the painting guide is a little lackluster; you'll need to have reference material available to color the parts properly.

On my review sample, the overhead ejection pull ring was broken off and there is some minor flash on the cockpit tub and main instrument panel, both of which can be removed with a sharp hobby knife.

Additionally, Pavla Models also offers the replacement canopy alone if you happen to damage yours during the refit (V 72-84).

My sincere thanks to Pavla Models for this review sample.