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T-28B Engine and Cowling

Quickboost 1/48 T-28B Engine and Cowling First Look

By Kelly Jamison

Date of Review February 2008 Manufacturer Quickboost
Subject T-28B Engine and Cowling Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48050 Media Resin
Pros Must have for the Monogram T-28 series Cons Some scratch-building required
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $10.50

First Look

T-28B Engine and Cowling
T-28B Engine and Cowling
T-28B Engine and Cowling

To say that I have been enamored with Quickboost lately is an understatement. Their products seem superior to many aftermarket resin companies. There is a bit of sticker shock with some of their stuff but for most part, every purchase I have made with them has been worth every penny.

This little gem is no exception. The resin is done in a medium grey and is free of all bubbles. You can tell high quality resin the first time you trim it up. This stuff is top shelf. There are three main pieces you have to deal with. The front cowl, which is a one for one replacement for the original Monogram one, the cylinder row and a small faring for the carb intake.

I thought the casting lug was a little on the thick and awkward side but after further inspection, I could see why they cast it from the front side. The cowl was made right from an original piece, hollowed out and cleaned up. After seeing all the complex curves of this cowling which is definitely not a symmetric circle, I can see why they chose to revamp the stock piece to do the casting.

The engine is another example of the amazing skills of the pattern makers at Quickboost. They depict the first row, which is just fine for the illusion. The R-1820-9HD engine was a single row engine anyway. The crankcase is so well done. It was evident that they either had very good research or an actual engine to take measurements from.

There is a little scratch building you have to do if you want to replicate the sparkplug wiring harness and wires along with the lifter rods too. It really isn’t that difficult to do but I wonder why Quickboost left that out.

Another home run on a bit of an obscure subject from Quickboost. This little piece makes the difference in the Monogram T-28 being a toy or a contender at your next contest. It can be used to make a T-28 B, C or D model with no problem. If you want to make an A model, then you have to keep on waiting.

Two things struck me funny were the single page three piece instructions. All I could keep thinking was “So easy a caveman could do it” and at the bottom of the sheet it said “Recommended kit: Monogram” Just to narrow down our 1/48 scale choices better!