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Schwimmwagen Wheels

Replikant Technologies 1/35 Schwimmwagen Wheels First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2014 Manufacturer Replikant Technologies
Subject Schwimmwagen Wheels Scale 1/35
Kit Number See below Media Resin
Pros Nicely detailed tires and hubs Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (Euro) See their Facebook page

First Look

Replikant Technologies is a new company from the Basque country of Spain and has started with a nice series of Schwimmwagen wheels. They currently have 13 different options available and they were kind enough to send over six examples to examime. Let's take a look:

Schwimmwagen Wheels Schwimmwagen Wheels

These wheels are cast in light gray resin and they are cast on 12 inch rims which have beautiful detailing in the rims as well as the tread patterns. As you can see in the images above, one wheel is weighted (low tire pressure for sand) and two are flat. One of the two flats shown depicts a burst tire with nice rim detailing separated from the damaged tire. The sets currently offered include:

  • 350100 Schwimmwagen Spare Wheel (1 wheel in set)
  • 350110 Schwimmwagen Low Sagged Front and Rear Wheels (4 wheels in set)
  • 350111 Schwimmwagen Low Sagged Front Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350112 Schwimmwagen Low Sagged Rear Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350120 Schwimmwagen Sagged Front and Rear Wheels (4 wheels in set)
  • 350121 Schwimmwagen Sagged Front Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350122 Schwimmwagen Sagged Rear Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350130 Schwimmwagen High Sagged Front Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350131 Schwimmwagen High Sagged Rear Wheels (2 wheels in set)
  • 350140 Schwimmwagen Deflated Front Wheel (1 wheel in set)
  • 350141 Schwimmwagen Deflated Rear Wheel (1 wheel in set)
  • 350150 Schwimmwagen Bursted Front Wheel (1 wheel in set)
  • 350151 Schwimmwagen Bursted Rear Wheel (1 wheel in set)

These wheels are ideal for any 1/35 scale Schwimmwagen kits on the market and are also good for the Kubelwagen as well. These wheels will certainly help you create a story for your vehicle. If you've got a warrior Volkswagen project in the near future, stop by Replikant Technologies' Facebook page to see where these nicely done wheels can be found!

My sincere thanks to Replikant Technologies for these review samples!