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Ju 88 Replacement Spinner Bases

Royale Resin 1/48 Ju 88 Replacement Spinner Bases First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2010 Manufacturer Royale Resin
Subject Ju 88 Replacement Spinner Bases Scale 1/48
Kit Number R049 Media Resin
Pros Nice update set for any 1/48 Ju 88 kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $3.99

First Look

Royale Resin produces a wide range of resin detail sets which specialize in resin weighted wheels for a wide variety subjects. In addition to their wheel options, Royale Resin also produces some interesting other kit enhancements. This is one is no exception.

Ju 88 Replacement Spinner Bases

Here is an interesting enhancement for any 1/48 scale Ju 88 kit - resin prop bosses. The prop hubs (or bosses) of several 1/48 Ju 88 kits can be loose-fitting messes which make the installation of the propeller blades rather painful. This set provides two bosses which need to be drilled out, with the third part being the jig needed to drill out te rear of the hub for the propeller shaft.

You'll need a steady hand or perhaps a drill press to get squared-up holes. You simply measure the diameters of the propeller shaft and the shafts at the end of each blade to select the correct diameter bits to drill, but the results will be a nice solid propeller subassembly that just needs to be blended into the kit's spinners.

If there is a Ju 88 project coming up in your future, then you'll want to get one of these to help your project along.

My sincere thanks to Royale Resin for this review sample!