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Apollo 15 SIM Bay

RealSpace Models 1/32 Apollo 15 SIM Bay First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2007 Manufacturer RealSpace Models
Subject Apollo 15 SIM Bay Scale 1/32
Kit Number N/A Primary Media Resin, photo-etch, metal rod
Pros Provides open access view into SIM bay as it was configured for Apollo 15 Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $40.00

First Look

I've had one of Monogram's 1/32 scale Apollo capsules stashed away for a while and was pleased to see Stevens International commission a reissue of the recently. To date, the Monogram kit is the most detailed rendition of the Apollo spacecraft produced in kit form.

Apollo 15 SIM Bay

A few years ago, I happened across RealSpace Models' website and noted that they had correction/detail sets for the Monogram 1/32 Apollo spacecraft. One of these was a nicely detailed multimedia Scientific Instrumentation Module (SIM) bay that installs on the opposite side of the service module from the transparent bays.

As described on the RealSpace Models' website, the Monogram kit represents the Block II version of the "H" missions to the moon. The "J" missions were flown by Apollo 15, 16 and 17 which provided an open bay for cameras and scientific instruments to study the moon from orbit.

This is a fairly simple conversion. Cut out a panel from the opaque section of the service module as shown in the instructions, assemble up the new bay and install the various details representing the camera packs and instrumentation modules, as well as the two antenna masts. This new bay installs inside the service module and should fit the opened bay nicely.

You can purchase this or any of the RealSpace Models line directly from RealSpace Models' website (