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Gemini Detail Set

RealSpace Models 1/24 Gemini Detail Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2006 Manufacturer RealSpace Models
Subject Gemini Detail Set Scale 1/24
Kit Number N/A Primary Media Resin, Vac, Foil
Pros Makes corrections to the Revell kit to render one of the flight vehicles Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $35.00

First Look

Gemini Detail Set

I've had one of Revell's 1/24 scale Gemini capsules stashed away for a while and was pleased to see them reissue the kit a little over a decade ago. Since the 1/32 Apollo is being reissued next year, there is hope to see this one back out again some day.

During one of my 'what-if' sessions about how to build this model a number of years ago, I happened across RealSpace Models' website and noted that they had correction/detail sets for the Revell kits: the 1/32 Apollo, 1/48 Gemini, and the subject of this review - the 1/24 Gemini.

The Revell kit provides some impressive details for a kit of its age, though some parts were based on either test vehicles or provisional designs. RealSpace Models provides a replacement capsule nose end which is configurable based on the mission you're modeling. The instructions walk you through the three configurations for GT-3/4, GT-7, and GT-5/6/8-12. Replacement coves are also provided to accurize the recesses ahead of the two main cabin doors.

Replacement thruster packs and sensors are also added to round out the exterior detailing of the model.

If you've ever looked at mission photography of the Gemini in orbit, you've seen that the service module that is open and detailed in the Revell kit is actually covered with a distinctive shape to clear the fuel tank dome on the upper stage while it was still resting on its launch stack. This means that you can simply skip the installation of all of those tanks and such and simply install the vacuformed cover provided in this detail set over the rear of the service module. If you don't want to paint the cover with a gold metalizer, RealSpace provides a sheet of gold metal foil that you can laminate to the vacuformed part and achieve a perfect look.

You can purchase this or any of the RealSpace Models line directly from RealSpace Models' website (

Check out the detailed photos taken of one of the Gemini cockpits here.