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Sniper XR Pod for the F-16 1/48 Sniper XR Pod for the F-16 First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2007 Manufacturer
Subject Sniper XR Pod for the F-16 Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48027 Media Resin
Pros First Sniper pod in 1/48 Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $8.00

First Look

The Sniper XR (extended range) targeting pod is a newer generation FLIR system with capabilities well beyond LANTIRN. While LANTIRN was still new during the first Iraq war, it was old technology by the time the second Iraq war came about. While Strike Eagles and Block 40/42 Vipers ruled the night during Desert Storm, it was the Air National Guard Vipers and their Sniper pods (as well as the Litening pods) that provided greater operational capabilities at night during OIF. Today you'll see Snipers on not only ANG Vipers, but now Block 40/42 and even CCIP Block 50/52 Vipers (and F-15E and A-10).

Sniper XR Pod for the F-16 is the first producer in 1/48 scale (that I am aware of) for the Sniper XL pod. They offer two different packages, this one with the F-16 inlet pylon, or set 48028 for the F-15E and A-10C. This set consists of four parts cast in white resin and the forward section cast in clear resin. The FLIR mounts slips inside the clear forward section so you will see details after the pod is painted (and the lenses are masked). The chin intake adaptor mounts on the starboard side of the F-16 (CCIP Block 50/52 Vipers move their HTS pods to the port side chin pylon with this installation).

If you're looking for a very contemporary configuration for your next Viper project, this pod system is very distinctive and will definitely draw the attention of the 'modelers in the know'.

I purchased my kit from direct.