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A-10/OA-10 Airframe Update Set 1/48 A-10/OA-10A Airframe Update Set First Look

By Stephen Sutton

Date of Review December 2006 Manufacturer
Subject A-10/OA-10A Airframe Update Set Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48035 Media Resin
Pros Updates the Monogram 1/48 Hog to late A-10A standards Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $8.00

First Look

This kit will allow you to update the old Monogram kit with the latest lumps and bumps found on the A-10’s today.

A-10/OA-10 Airframe Update Set

Finely molded resin parts are provided for formation strip lights, Embedded Global Positioning System (GPS)/Inertial Navigation System (INS/EGI) and the Low Altitude Safety & Targeting Enhancement system (LASTE). Detailed instructions will guide you through the process of modifying your model for either the LASTE A-10 and OA-10.

I purchased my kit from direct.