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M4 Sherman 'VVSS' Suspension Set C (Initial)

Tasca 1/35 M4 Sherman 'VVSS' Suspension Set C (Initial) First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review May 2012 Manufacturer Tasca
Subject M4 Sherman 'VVSS' Suspension Set C (Initial) Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35015 Media 163 parts (138 parts in olive drab styrene, 24 clear vinyl, 1 black rubber sheet)
Pros Very nicely executed set of production M3/M7 or very early M4 suspension components Cons 'Working' suspension very difficult to use with vinyl tracks; lack of a set of tracks in this kit makes it a relatively expensive item
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $33.00

First Look

Tasca has been steadily eating into the Sherman domain once ruled by Tamiya, Italeri and DML, and this set (which dates from 2010) is another nicely done offering.

Each set consists of what appear by now to be standard Tasca offerings, such as three types of drivers (“smooth”, “fancy” and “machined” to many Sherman fans) and two idlers (welded spoke or welded solid). Each of the bogie assemblies consists of 16-17 parts (some have the lifting shackles) plus a hull fitting which has to be modified to fit the hull to which the suspension is being fitted.

The suspension is nicely done but uses two sheets of thin rubber for springing and permits a “working” suspension. That is not a problem if the modeler is using working tracks such as Model Kasten, Panda/RHPS, or Fruil, but if vinyl tracks are used generally tends to cause a “rocking horse” effect at the front and rear. However, Tasca does not provide any tracks with the set so the modeler is on his own.

There are also no casting numbers on any of the outer faces of the bogies (parts B3 or B6) nor the rocking arms (B10) so the hyper-detailers will not be pleased.

Overall, this is a clean and nice set which will dress up an old Tamiya M3 or early Academy M3 kit.

Sprue Layout:

  • A 12x2 Drivers (3 types), Idlers (2 types), drive mount
  • B 38x3 Bogies, road wheels, mounts
  • P 24 Clear vinyl
  • ‒ 1 Black rubber sheet