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F-100D Scribing Set

UpNorth 1/48 F-100D Scribing Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2006 Manufacturer UpNorth
Subject F-100D Scribing Set Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48002 Primary Media Photo-Etch
Pros Quick way to accurately rescribe the details into your Monogram F-100D. Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $14.95

First Look

F-100D Scribing Set

Here is a cool tool for your next Monogram F-100D project - a scribing template set. This is actually three templates that have numbers by each shape that corresponds to a particular access panel, door, or latch around the F-100D.

Why would you want to rescribe an F-100D? Many modelers are quite content with the details molded into the Monogram kit, but AMS modelers want an F-100 with scribed panel lines! The Monogram is an older generation tooling with raised detailing. Since nobody has produced a new-tool F-100 since Monogram, the more experienced AMS modeler will want to take this project on.

To make matters worse, the detailing near the edges of the top and bottom halves is soft or in some cases simply disappears. This is not very nice since the mating edges are around the sides of the airframe. In other words, you'll want to restore these details as a minimum.

UpNorth of Finland to the rescue. They've produced this nice template set and a nice tech-order styled diagram with a four-view layout of the aircraft showing which shape on the template to use where.

So how hard is it to rescribe the aircraft? The instructions suggest that the best scribing tool is a simple sewing needle chocked into a pin vise or mechanical pencil. To achieve straight lines, they recommend using Dymo labeling tape. It takes a little work to scribe up the kit, but the results are worth it!

My sincere thanks to Design & Marketing International for this review sample!