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USN 4"/50 Submarine Deck Gun

White Ensign Models 1/144 USN 4"/50 Submarine Deck Gun First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2007 Manufacturer White Ensign Models
Subject USN 4"/50 Submarine Deck Gun Scale 1/144
Kit Number PE14403 Primary Media White Metal & Photo-Etch
Pros This set provides some amazing detail for the Trumpeter kit Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (BP) £4.47

First Look

If you've purchased one of Trumpeter's great 1/144 USS Ga to early or late versions, you've got a nice start on a very well-done kit. The only problem with styrene is that you just can't replicate some of the finer details in stryrene. White Ensign Models to the rescue.

USN 4"/50 Submarine Deck GunUSN 4"/50 Submarine Deck GunUSN 4"/50 Submarine Deck Gun

This detail set tackles that problem by replacing the main 4"/50 deck gun with this beauty replicated in white metal and photo-etch. Where the kit gun is a rudimentary gun on a pintle, this set provides the deck reinforing plate, a more detailed mount that can be positioned as desired, and a nice replica of the gun. In addition, the two operator seats, hand and foot controls, gun sights, and even gun lock are provided.

As usual, White Ensign Models also provides a nice step-by-step guide to assembling your detail set and a key to identifying the various parts included in the set.

The USS Gato did mount this main gun through its operational life. If you are modifying your kit to reproduce any of the other members of the Gato/Balao class, check your references on armament. If this isn't the right gun for your boat, White Ensign Models has produced quite a few different sets to help you properly arm your next project.

As you can see in the photo, the detail set consists of quite a few detail parts that will take care and experience to manipulate and install on your Trumpeter kit. If you're comfortable working in this medium or are ready to give photo-etch in 1/144 scale a try, this is the set for you!

My sincere thanks to White Ensign Models for this review sample!