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Halifax Interior Detail Set

White Ensign Models 1/72 Halifax Interior Detail Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2008 Manufacturer White Ensign Models
Subject Halifax Interior Detail Set Scale 1/72
Kit Number PE7244 Primary Media Photo-Etch
Pros Exquisite detail Cons
Skill Level Advanced MSRP (BP) £12.72 (excluding VAT)

First Look

Halifax Interior Detail SetWhite Ensign Models continues to expand its product lines into broader areas and this detail set is no exception. With this detail set, they've provided one of four detail sets for any of the reissued Matchbox, Revell/Germany, Modelcraft Canada, or Airfix 1/72 Halifax kits.

In this release, White Ensign Models provides some jaw-dropping details to transform this simple kit into a museum quality masterpiece. This good-sized fret of photo-etch replicates many of the visible bulkheads and structures within the fuselage. While most of the work is up around the cockpit, there is interesting detail spread across that entire fuselage interior.

In the cockpit, the pilot's area is completely transformed from the photo-etched seat to the new instrument panel, control yoke, throttles, and various side consoles. Okay, most detail sets do that much, but we're not done by a long shot. Next, the set builds up a complete flight engineer's station with the master engine control panel. Back where you can't see much, this set builds up a complete wireless radio operator's station.

Up in the nose, this set builds up the navigator's station with plotting table, radar unit, 'Gee' boxes, and DF loop controls. Of course what bomber would be of use without the bombardier's station with aiming equipment and controls.

Inside the turrets, this detail set replicates the structural frames, mounts and guns (using the kit guns). One other essential detail that you won't really see but you and God know it is there - the Elsan toilet mounted in the rear fuselage. You've got to go somewhere on those long missions!

This super-detailed conversion with work with any of the reissued Matchbox, Revell/Germany, Modelcraft Canada, or Airfix 1/72 Halifax kits. The instructions provide good references for parts assembly and placement.

For a look at the Modelcraft release of the 1/72 Halifax kit, click here.

My sincere thanks to White Ensign Models for this review sample!