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Quicksand Prints 05 - Boxes 2

Hobbyworld 1/35 Quicksand Prints 05 - Boxes 2 First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2015 Manufacturer Hobbyworld
Subject Quicksand Prints 05 - Boxes 2 Scale 1/35
Kit Number N/A Primary Media Printed paper stock
Pros Nice diorama/vignette material Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (Euro) 9.95€ + Postage

First Look

The folks at Hobbyworld have an interesting series of booklets containing essential diorama or vignette details printed on quality paper stock. Three booklets contain propaganda posters from World War I, World War 2, and World War 3 (modern wars), each page containing a variety of poster subjects and each poster printed in sizes suitable for 1/35, 1/48, and 1/72 scale. Simply cut out the poster and paste it to a scale wall in your diorama or vignette. In addition, there are two booklets containing boxes of various types. Box 1 contains a variety of World War 2 German and US ration boxes. We have Box 2 here so let's take a closer look:

Quicksand Prints 05 - Boxes 2 Quicksand Prints 05 - Boxes 2

Here are two of the 16 pages of boxes/cartons in this booklet. Each page has quite a few boxes, each of which are folded into shape and placed into your diorama, vignette, or vehicle. All of these boxes and cartons are contemporary subjects which include:

  • Modern Arab Soda cardboard box
  • Modern Soda cardboard box
  • Modern Soda cardboard box 02
  • Modern Beer cardboard box
  • Modern energy drink cardboard box
  • Modern Soda cardboard box 03
  • Modern Soda cardboard box 04
  • Modern Soda 24 can units/box
  • Modern Soda 12 can units/box
  • Modern Arab Water cardboard box
  • Modern Arab Water cardboard box 02
  • Modern Arab Water cardboard box 03
  • Modern Arab Water cardboard box 04
  • Modern Whisky cardboard box
  • Modern Beer cardboard box 02
  • Modern Red Cross cardboard box
  • Modern Potato Chips cardboard box

Every army must be fed and provided water, so having food and water rations in your modern vehicles is a must. What is really nice is that instead of spending about the same amount of money for a single sheet of boxes from other companies, you get all of these items in a spiral-bound booklet ready to support your scale troops!

This series is available directly from the Hobbyworld website.

My sincere thanks to Hobbyworld for this review sample!