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F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit

AA/Sino Model 1/48 F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit First Look

By Sundiata Cowels

Date of Review April 2016 Manufacturer AA/Sino Model
Subject F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Scale 1/48
Kit Number F006 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Only model in this scale Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $18.00 (OOP)

First Look

F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit
F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit
F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit
F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit
F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit
F-6bis/A-5C Fantan Kit

The Shenyang F-6bis/A-5C (NATO codename Fantan-A) is a much longer, heavier and more capable variant of the Shenyang F-6 (itself a license built improvement over the Soviet MiG-19). According to information available regarding this aircraft, it was designed for limited fair weather day time strikes, without the benefit of all-weather radar within the newly shaped radome. The wings had six hard points (three per wing), estimated to carry 550lb (250 kg) or either rockets, bombs or extra fuel tanks at each station. Each wing root carried a 30 mm cannon.

Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it too! The AA/Sino Model 1/48 scale kit of the Shenyang F-6bis/A-5C is a basic kit with plenty of room for detailing. Contained within a sturdy open top box, the kit’s 167 parts are arranged on six trees.

Decals for Pakistani and Chinese Air Force national markings are provided, but very little in terms of stencils.

A thorough glance at the instructions reveal some possible problem areas:

  • The main landing gear /wing bays are not boxed in.
  • The cockpit has very soft molded detail of the main console and no side console detail at all
  • The pilot’s ejection seat needs an after-market replacement (if they exist for a MiG-19) (it is overly simplistic)
  • The flaps and ailerons, while molded separate from the wing, have no identifiable alignment markings to insure a proper fit
  • Color callouts are in Mandarin only

That said, this kit still has plenty to offer, such as:

  • A clear stand to mount the finished model
  • Over six weapon types (missiles, rockets and bombs) with several mounting options including multiple ejector racks
  • Solid wheels (no seams!)
  • Recessed panel lines and rivets
  • Two-piece canopy to position it opened or closed

Unfortunately, I was unable to determine the exact date of release of this kit or even if it is still in production (I picked up this copy at Mosquito Con 2016). I am surprised however, that Trumpeter or Hobby Boss has not re-released or made their own version of this kit (hint, hint, wink, wink). Aside from the aforementioned concerns, this does look like it will build up to a decent kit of an almost forgotten aircraft. I’m just sad that I only found one!

Recommend for AMS modelers and those who like rare and foreign aircraft.