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Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit

A&A Model 1/72 Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review July 2018 Manufacturer A&A Model
Subject Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7207 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Beautiful moldings, fine scribing Cons Nothing serious
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $18.00 (OOP)

First Look

Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit
Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit
Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit
Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit
Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit
Ha-300 Light Supersonic Interceptor Kit

Start with German engineering. Add Spanish development. Secure Indian assistance. And complete with Egyptian production.

That's the miniscule, multi-national Helwan Ha-300 – Egypt's only indigenous fighter project. And it's the subject of a truly terrific – and tiny! – 1/72-scale, 3D-designed kit from A&A Models – a brand of ModelSvit Balkans Ltd made in Ukraine.

For supposedly "short-run" production, quality of the 66 gray plastic parts is uniformly outstanding. A&A's crystal-clear canopy components include both open and closed options – with vinyl masks. And 16 microscopic photoetched brass pieces add further detail to this magnificent little kit.

You'll find only the tiniest bit of flash between the two-part canopy choice. And that's it.

Who'd have thought that we'd ever see an injection-molded Ha-300 – let alone one with an 11-piece ejection seat?

The minute model virtually swims in its big (310mm x 215mm) box. I figure three (3) 1/72-scale Ha-300s could easily fit into A&A's voluminous packaging!

A&A's large (210mm x 295mm), 6-page, Ukrainian-English instructions feature a parts map, paint matches keyed to Humbrol products, and an 18-step assembly sequence. The 2-page color & markings guide with explanatory notes details two, almost identically marked subjects:

  • Helwan Ha-300-001, March 1964
  • Helwan Ha-300-001 German Museum Exhibit

A&A's compact, precisely printed decal sheet offers utterly exquisite detail. I can actually read the infinitesimal Arabic – but, unfortunately, it doesn't say "Helwan" ["Chelwaan"], as it should!

Still, what an amazing effort. Launched in 2008, ModelSvit has focused on leading-edge design and production approaches to short-run model kit manufacturing.

This kit confirms the company's strikingly high standards: from packaging and presentation, through moldings and instructions, to details and decals, overall quality ranks as simply superb.

Now maybe A&A will favor us with equally brilliant, 1:72-scale models of Argentina's FMA I.Ae.37 Pulqui II and India's HAL HF-24 Marut jet fighters!

With thanks to ModelSvit Balkans Ltd. for this review sample!