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Bf 109G-6/G-2 Kit

Academy 1/48 Bf 109G-6/G-2 Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2017 Manufacturer Academy
Subject Bf 109G-6/G-2 Scale 1/48
Kit Number 12321 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Simple build Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $29.00

First Look

Bf 109G-6/G-2 Kit
Bf 109G-6/G-2 Kit
Bf 109G-6/G-2 Kit

The Bf 109G-6 was a further development of the Gustav series that introduced the DB605A engine and a number of other changes to make the aircraft more capable, not only as a fighter, but in the fighter-bomber role as well. The G-6 was nicknamed 'The Bulge' since it had overwing bulges to accommodate larger wheels and bulges on either side of the nose ahead of the windscreen to accommodate the 13mm MG 131 guns over the engine replacing the MG 17 7.92mm guns. The G-6 retained the MG 151 20mm cannon firing through the propeller spinner though one variant, the Bf 109G-6 Early/U4 replaced the MG 151 with the MK 108 30mm cannon.

Academy has released this Bf 109G-6 previously in 1/48 scale and if this kit looks familiar, you've also seen it before in Hobbycraft boxes years ago. The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on three parts trees plus a single tree of clear parts. The parts all feature finely scribed surface detailing and no sign of flash. As with many kits in this series, the cockpit is Spartan and would benefit from an aftermarket set or at least some photo-etched seatbelt/shoulder harness. Assembly of this kit is very straightforward and makes for a quick project.

Among the features and options in this kit:

  • Choice of Bf 109G-2 or Bf 109G-6
  • Positionable canopy
  • Choice of armored headrests
  • Optional tropical air filter
  • Choice of main wheel types
  • Optional drop tank
  • Optional underwing gun pods
  • Optional umbrella sun shade for parking in desert conditions

Markings are provided for eight examples:

  • Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Red 13, 11./JG 27, Kalamaki, Greece, 1943
  • Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Stab II./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
  • Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Yellow 7, 6./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
  • Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Yellow 14, 6./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
  • Bf 109G-2/Trop, Yellow 14, 3./JG 27, North Africa, 1942
  • Bf 109G-2/Trop, Yellow 14, Stab I./JG 77, North Africa, 1942
  • Bf 109G-2, Yellow 3, 9./JG 54, Dubrovka, Russia, 1942
  • Bf 109G-6/R3, Yellow 1, 9./JG 54, Ludwigslust, Germany, 1944

The sheet is beautifully printed by Cartograf and also includes a complete set of airframe stencils.

While the tooling in this kit is older, the molds are in great shape. Is this the kit you'd want to superdetail? No, there are a variety of new-tool options available that feature some great details inside and out. On the other hand, if you want an easy airframe to build so you can feature one or more of the distinctive schemes worn by the Gustav in its various theaters of operation, then this is a good choice.

My sincere thanks to MRC for this review sample!