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CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit

Academy 1/35 CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2010 Manufacturer Academy
Subject CV9040B Swedish IFV Scale 1/35
Kit Number 13217 Primary Media Styrene/Photo-Etch/Aluminum Barrel
Pros Nicely detailed exterior Cons No interior
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $57.95

First Look

CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit
CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit
CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit
CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit
CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit
CV9040B Swedish IFV Kit

In 1984, the Swedish Army issued a requirement for a new family of tactical vehicles that would be classified as Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) or Stridsfordorn 90 (Strf90) in Swedish. Hagglunds developed the initial prototypes which were evaluated for three years before production was authorized.

Hagglunds (which was later acquired by BAE Systems) started deliveries of the type in 1993 and over 1000 examples have been produced for Swedish and a number of export customers.

The initial vehicle was armed with a 40mm Bofors cannon and was designated as CV9040. This design is used exclusively by the Swedish Army and features excellent all-round armor protection. The design was updated with a stabilized gun mount and additional armor protection which was designated as CV9040B. Another variation of this design was the CV9040C which has additional armor protection and a tropical climate kit for use in international peacekeeping missions.

Academy has produced a completely new armored subject, the Swedish CV90/Strf90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This release covers the CV9040B version with some really nice details and builder options.

The kit is molded in tan styrene and presented on five parts trees plus separately packaged upper and lower hull halves. The set also includes three trees of black track links or two runs of black vinyl track. The vinyl track runs will allow you to 'drive' the model around if you're so inclined, the track links with separate track pads will simply get you some finer details.

In addition, the kit is rounded out with a set of photo-etched parts, one tree of clear parts for lenses, periscopes, etc., and one turned aluminum 40mm Bofors gun barrel.

Assembly is straightforward with the initial focus on the lower hull, suspension arms, road wheels, and drive sprockets. The rear of the hull is next with separately molded rear door and stowage for pioneering tools.

Next comes the upper hull with the separately molded engine access cover, driver and crew compartment hatches. These doors are positionable so you can pose these open if you'd like, but the downside is that there is no interior provided in this release for the crew compartment nor the engine compartment.

The turret comes next and it appears to be modular enough to render some of the other variants of the CV90 series with some parts changes. This release adds stowage boxes to the rear of the turret, more positionable hatches, periscopes and antenna bases. Smoke dischargers, thermal sights with armored covers, spare track link stowage, and that big 40mm gun round out the turret.

Last but not least comes your choice of the individual track links or the vinyl track runs to finish up your project.

Two optional crew figures are included in full battle dress.

Markings are provided for a generic vehicle in Swedish Army service. The painting instructions are a little dark, but provide a five-view paint pattern and the color key shows the paints in Gunze Aqueous/Mr Hobby, Gunze Creos/Mr Color, Lifecolor, Humbrol, and Testors Model Master equivalents.

Academy has really done a nice job on this model and highlights that this company is pushing out into previously untouched modern armor subjects. Well done Academy!

This kit is definitely recommended!

My sincere thanks to MRC for this review sample!