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USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition

Academy 1/700 USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2017 Manufacturer Academy
Subject USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition Scale 1/700
Kit Number 14223 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Nice details Cons See text
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $45.00

First Look

USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition
USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition
USS Missouri BB 63 Modeler's Edition

The USS Missouri was third-in-class of the Iowa-class fast battleships that were ordered by the US Navy before the start of World War II. While third in class, the Missouri was the last to be completed before war's end and was commissioned in June 1944. Missouri moved to the Pacific after completing its trials and participated in the bombardment of several Japanese islands as well as protecting aircraft carriers operating in those areas. The Japanese surrender was accepted aboard the USS Missouri. The battleship again provided fire support during the Korean War, sat out the Vietnam War, and returned to support Operation Desert Storm before being decommissioned in 1992.

You may recall that Academy released a new-tool 1/700 USS Missouri kit in their easy-to-build series using multi-colored plastic (look here). Wanting to put the concept to the test, we conducted a quick-build of the subject and it turned out rather nice (look here). Are the details as petite as 1/700 kits from other manufacturers? Not quite, but the kit is much easier to build for younger modelers as well as for those with less dexterity for handing those tiny parts.

Academy has released this kit again, this time as a modeler's edition. What's different this time? The kit is now molded in gray styrene with the exception of the red lower hull and the black display stand. The MCP is not in this boxing and in its place are some new features of note. First, as a reminder, the features of this basic kit:

  • Snap-together assembly (I used glue in my quick build)
  • Optional waterline display
  • Optional display stand for full-hull display
  • Lots of anti-aircraft batteries provided
  • Nicely detailed superstructure
  • Two SC-1 Seahawks and two catapults provided

New to this edition:

  • Large sheet of yellow-tape masks for the decks, AAA gun wells, and upper surfaces of the main and 5 inch gun turrets
  • Set of photo-etched parts which provide railings, radar antennas, and other details

The instructions are nicely laid out to make assembly fast and smooth. It also has detailed painting instructions should you wish to paint the Missouri in Measure 22 (1945) complete with fine-print paint chart to identify the proper colors from several major paint makers. Without the MCP and with the included masks, you can render a nice Measure 32/22D scheme for the Missouri's 1944 service

Considering that the addition of the large sheet of masks and the fret of photo-etched parts added only $10 USD to the retail price of this kit, this release is a bargain. While the tiny parts like the 20mm guns are a bit overscale, the kit is an easy build that you can complete in a weekend (depending on how well you can install photo-etched railings). I wish Academy would pay attention to the US flag - they provide the modern 50 star flag, not the World War 2 appropriate 48 star flag.

For a look at a quick-build of this model, look here.

My sincere thanks to MRC for this review sample!