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U-Boat Type VII C/41

AFV Club 1/350 U-Boat Type VII C/41 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review February 2010 Manufacturer AFV Club
Subject U-Boat Type VII C/41 Scale 1/350
Kit Number 73504 Primary Media 114 parts (96 in olive drab, 18 etched brass)
Pros Choice of waterline or full hull model; very petite details; optional “lift-off” feature for pressure hull, includes two “Biber” midget submarine kit as well Cons Very petite parts easily broken
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $30.00

First Look

AFV Club is continuing their excellent run at Axis submarines with another variant of the Typ VII C U-boot which they designated as the Typ VII C/41. This is an improved standard production Typ VII C with a modified conning tower and “Wintergarten” and other detail changes.

Like the earlier B and C kits it is petite (19 centimeters long when complete) but has a tremendous amount of detail. As before it uses the common A sprue and the B sprue from the VII B kit – and it offers the ability to open up the completed hull and view the pressure hull and conning tower protrusion once finished.

This kit provides the 1943 and later production “Wintergarten” (twin 2 cm and a single 3.7 cm mounts but no deck gun) fit but no optional choices for the antiaircraft suite.

The model provides a wealth of tiny details in the form of most of the braces, brackets and guards found on the original and even provides for rotation of the deck gun on the finished model. All parts appear to be nearly scale, which causes a normal problem with AFV Club kits of very fragile and tiny parts requiring extreme care in handling them. Four torpedoes are provided for diorama fans wanting port details to go with the model.

Of interest is the fact the kit comes with a pair of “Biber” midget submarines, each with a pair of torpedoes, which mount on the deck. It also comes with an optional sonar bulge which fits under the bow of the “full hull” variant. Alas, while the directions cover three different boats (U-995, U-1023, and U-1105) they do not say which ones had the later sonar nor which ones were rigged to carry “Biber” subs. Sinking pennants are included as well on the etched brass fret.

Overall this is again a neat little model and one that help extend a collection of German U-boats in this scale or “fill” a sub pen.

Sprue Layout:

  • A 12 Type VII Lower hull, pressure hull,
  • B 45 Type VII B Base, deck guns, hull details
  • C 39 Type VII C upper hull, details, conning towers, two “Biber” midget subs
  • MA 18 Etched brass